Participants Feedback

Mr. Beni Kinha, Promoter of Life Skill, Mental & Physical Health and Corporate Spirituality workshops in the brand name of “NECTAR FACTOR” has conducted several workshops on the topics-

  • Stress Management
  • Role of personal Value, Moral & Ethics in Professional decision Making
  • Knowledge and Importance of Human Rights.

All the above training cum workshops delivered by Mr. Beni Kinha has been very useful for our officers attending the course.

We acknowledge & appreciate the vast knowledge, expertise and experience of Mr. Beni Kinha- Life Skill, Mental & Physical Health and Corporate Spirituality coach on the subject and his extending cooperation to Central bureau of Investigation in this regard.

We wish him all the best.


Dear Mr. Beni,We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the two days workshop on “stress Management &
Blissful life” at our Radico Khaitan training centre, Rampur on 21st & 22nd August. The workshop was a success and was appreciated by all the participants and
we put on record our sincere appreciation for conducting such a nice learning workshop for our senior officials.

The objective of workshop what is stress and how to control the stress and how to make the balance between work life and family life, was achieved. We all have enjoyed the workshop very much and taken away the learning’s to make the life joyful. We also learn proper utilization of five main dimensions of life-Physical, Mental, Social, Financial and Spiritual. The participants were significantly benefited by the workshop.

We appreciate your time, dedicated effort for conducting the two days workshop, and contribution in improving the skills of our officials to manage their professional and personal life.

We look forward to repeat such workshops in coming future also!

Best Regards


Sh. Beni Kinha, Consultant, Mental Health: Life Skill: Management has delevered lectures at Specialized Training Centre, Rajender Nagar, New Delhi on the topics – (1) “The language of Clothes, Communication, Integrity; Activity – Own your words, Family Issues (2) Elements of success; Activity – Power of spoken words, Stress Transformation, Presentation Skills” in the training course on “Soft Skill” from 16.03.2016 to 14.10.2016. Howeever 09 lectures have been delivered by him on the above said topics and (1) understanding Stress, Symptoms, Effects, Types and Causes of Stress, Dealing with Stress, Learning Self Relaxing Techniques (2) Identify time eaters , time stealers, How to control leakage, pilferage, wastage of time. How to manage time well effectively and productively in the training course on Stress and Time Management from 03.05.2016 to 02.09.2016. Howeever 06 lectures have been delivered by him on the above said topics.

All the above training-cum-lectures delivered by Sh. Beni Kinha, Consultant, Mental Health: Life Skill: Management have been very useful for the police officers attending the course.

We acknowledge & appreciate the vast knowledge, expertise and experience of Sh. Beni Kinha, Consultant, Mental Health: Life Skill: Management on the subject and his extending cooperation to Delhi Police in this regard. We wish him all the best.


Dear Mr. Beni Kinha,This is with reference to the Workshop conducted by you for our Junior and Middle Level Executives at our Delhi office on 13th February 2016. We have taken the feedback from the participants of above workshop and got positive response from everyone. All the participants appreciated the topic covered in this workshop and the manner you have conducted the same. We enclose herewith the sum up of feedbacks received from all the participants.We would like to thank you for conducting above workshop effectively. We feel all the participants have been significantly benefited by this workshop which will be beneficial for our company in long run. I also appreciate your time, dedication and the way you have conducted the above workshop.

Dear Mr. Kinha,


In today’s world, where there is lot of stress in professional and personal life of individuals, it is very pertinent that sessions on stress management play a significant role in bursting stress and thereby contributing to the mental well- being of the individuals. The session organized by yourself on 1st Feb,18 was very informative and highly useful. The team of AMH SSC found it constructive and helpful.

On behalf of the entire team of AMH SSC, thank you for organizing such a wonderful session.



Mr. Beni Kinha, founder of “Nectar Factor” Life Skill, Mental Health and Management training workshops, has conducts several Management & Soft skill workshops with our team members.There is a great satisfaction and appreciation level in our employees. These programmes were very useful n has improved the level of output.Mr. Beni Kinha has in depth knowledge on subject and his art of delivery gives a great satisfaction. His own professional working experience is very handy in objection and query handling.

Personality, communication, body language n over all deliver is very impressive…audience is connected very well..

Wish him all the Best n looking forward to interact on many occasions in near future.


This is in the reference of the workshop on stress management conducted by Mr. Beni Kinha- Nectar Factor (Life Skill-Mental health-Management trainer). During the program we have come to know about so many hidden obstacles which create stress in our life. He unfolded our daily stress reasons and guides us to come out with those daily life stresses.

We have come to know about new dimensions of life to stay happy and with positive stress which help us to grow as a professional and as a person. Mr. Beni Kinha is a bundle of positive energy which everyone can feel since the start and to the end of the session. The program was wonderful and very informative.

We would like to thank him to provide his valuable time and inputs to us which definitely help us to grow in our life.

Looking forward to have more interactions from Mr. Beni Kinha – Nectar Factor (Life Skill-Mental health-Management trainer).

We wish him all the best for his future….


Dear Mr. Kinha,We would like to thank you as your lectures were extremely beneficial to our staff/executives.Reference training programme conducted on “Stress management” in February & March, 2016 at CATC, Allahabad

What can a drop describe about the Ocean..So is to describe about Beni Kinha. We met as Strangers & became family. You have been a Mentor for me for last 10 years. Your Aura is so soothing and positive that whosoever meet you, get attached to you. You eyes are like a magnate… Showers happiness & positivity always. Life has been a roller coaster ride for you. Ups & Down but you always stood like Rock !!Your one touch can heel the mind & body, Your one word can bring the positive vibes back, your one smile can give bundles of joy. I have witness all of these, now is the time, the world to witness this !!I can write a book on you but still things will be left…..Man….You Rock !!

Beni, you are amazing combination of depth, wit, expression, engagement and presentation. Linking of Happiness to concept of Ananda and behaviours to attain Ananda in few slides… Absolute commendable! You are in for a long haul friend! Keep Rocking!!

Well with my experience and exposure I can say this was best program in minimum time . Hope will share again .

I have known Mr. Beni Kinha for over 1 years now and I take immense pleasure in stating that he is the gem of a person to know. The fact that he is so honest, reliable, guiding, conscientious, courteous and incredibly caring makes him “a true mentor” in real sense. All this time that we had been in each other’s company, I have learned a lot of things from him whether it is a stress management session or the motivational session it helped me immensely in future, and remind me of his extraordinary nature throughout my life. It would not be wrong to say that I have actually understood clearly some dimensions of life by being in contact with him. This makes him not only my guide but a good friend too. Lots of good luck on his ventures!

Beni Kinha is a Soulful , lovable, divine energy master who silenced all my inner noises and gave me instantaneous recovery with his healing touch. I thank him whole heartedly for giving me this spiritual experience.

As your name suggests ” BENI” to ‘speak well’ or ‘blessed one’. You justify both qualities of your name. You blessed with magical eyes, speak so much without help of any single word. Your AURA is so positive, spread positive vibes around you, which everyone can feel.In my long professional career I have gone through with so many training programs and met with so many trainer’s. Before a month back I have got an opportunity to join your training program on stress management. You took only few minutes to gel with the participants, you made them comfortable and open which is the most tough exercise for a trainer. Your session was so interactive, it was like friends are sharing their thoughts. It was totally a different way to interact with participants. Content was entirely different from others, not copied. Most important you ” never pointed anyone’s negative” and if you asked them to do some exercise, you “never share the result on common platform” , with this you develop so much confidence in you from audience. This is the reason while after the session you surrounded by so many people with lots of queries other than the subject. You are a natural healer, with your one word you are able to develop so much positivity that is the AURA of “BENI KINHA”

Wishing you good luck in what you have planned to do.


We had session of stress management on March 6, 2016 at CATC, Allahabad. It was interactive session. From start to end it was consistently interesting. The class was a catalyst in the reaction of positivity. I felt that it was resonating with my positive thoughts. The order, way and background for every topic was so appropriate that I received it easily and permanently. I enjoyed the class a lot. Even in the evening I was feeling fresh like Morning.Few topics were previously known by us but after session they were felt and understood by us completely. Causes, symptoms and remedies of stress/depression were taught openly and easily understandable manner. The topics were understood by us so easily because delivery was awesome i.e. energetic, full of examples, easy to understand. The universal law you taught that whatever you need for yourself help someone else to achieve that and Nature will give you manifold.

Society needs you. Sir your work is like health tonic for our society. I feel so lucky and happy that we got a chance to interact you and attend your session.

One more thing I want to say “yes everyone is different but you are differently different and that is very great. I feel proud that we have a personality like you in India.”

One more thing I want to say that you use idioms, phrases and shayaris; these are very effective to deliver the message. I have attended motivational kind of session in School, College, job. But I liked your session the most and different one. It seems you have great experience and techniques. By God’s grace I got the chance to attend it.


Peace, love, divinity …all wrapped in one …that’s Beni KINHA for you.Any superlative and adjective is insufficient to describe a personality as charming as Beniji.Someone who infuses a new life in tired souls , a spell binding leader , a wordsmith who inspires to attain the unachievable …a mentor, a motivator and above all a friend I can trust with all my heart – Beni is someone I hugely look up to and consult for professional guidance

I yet have to come across more spirited and enthusiastic person as Beni. His marketing skills compliments his knowledge of retail and franchising. His adventurous nature and passion for people has got him to life coaching . Lots of good luck on his ventures!

I just want to say that you are the far best teacher I have ever known .I have never meet a teacher who is as dedicated to their student as well as to their collogue as you are.Your guide line gives me the tools necessary to continue growing as work so much more effectively with solid direction…My experience with you has been truly life changing. The environment in the office was always happy and warm and as the teacher all provides a unique nurturing strength that made this journey really fun loving…

Well… the content was brief, delivery was excellent with such a pleasing personality, communicated the ideas very much effectively…