Beni Kinha’s “Nectar Factor”

What does ‘Nectar’ means and its relevance to our program…?

The word Nectar or Amrit came from one of the most famous episodes in the Puranas, Samudra manthan or the churning of the ocean of milk. Nectar means the drink of the God (as ambrosia was their food); hence, any delicious or inspiring beverage. As samundra manthan was the source of livelihood for Devas, similarly, Nectar Factor is a source of livelihood and helps you to convert your stressful, hectic, half dead life into joyful, happy, healthy and blissful life.

Beni Kinha

What does ‘Nectar’ means and its relevance to our program…?

Mother Nature lover strongly believes in ‘ Nothing in vain, Nature gives back in many folds’. Experienced Stress management, Blissful Life Skill and Motivational auditor… Natural healer, qualified practitioner for DMIT, Aura reading and reiki. Counsellor for many Indian as well as friends from overseas… feel blessed when interact with young and youths for guidance on their professional as well personal life questions…

The life quest began at a very young age, leading through various schools of thoughts, teachings and practices of meditation, yoga, Sadhna, reiki etc. with many Masters of field. Still in process to find the answer for the “Final Quest”.

Years of search of life introduce me to many hidden secrets of being Human… few of them were seeking answers in daily life. Secret combination of Aura + Mind + Body.

Our Training Session’s

अन्त:दर्शन– `संपूर्ण जीवन एक कला’

The complete life.
Balance among different dimensions of life.
Work life balance is part of this workshop.

Mind- ‘Misery to Contentment’

How to cope up- Scientific, Logical, Practical and permanent solutions?

Human Architecture – ‘SHAAMAA YOG’

Physical Health (शारीरिक स्वास्थ्य)
Mental Health (मानसिक स्वास्थ्य)
Emotional Health (भावनात्मक आयाम)

Corporate Spirituality

Management excellence & Effective leadership” workshop

Art of Dying- dying not allowed

“Art of Dying- dying not allowed” unique eye opener on Life & Death

Educational Institutions

Faculty – A Journey from – Teacher to Mentor
Students – Road to success & Entrepreneurship

Women Empowerment & Posh

Empowerment & its importance in reference of women

Inbound to Out Un-bound

Learning with Natural habitat Camps include wilderness camping, Rapid Rafting, tracking & authentic Himalayan village home stay.

‘अमृत योग’ Nectar Yog

Practical sessions of Yog , Pranayam, Meditation fusion with Modern Cardio, Stretch, Posture & Strengthening exercises.

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