Blissful Life

Blissful Life अन्त:दर्शन`संपूर्ण जीवन एक कला(work-life balance is part of this)

Blissful life is the closest word to ‘Anandmai Jeevan’.

‘Anand’ is a complete word itself, there is no synonyms or antonym of ‘Anand’. But for better understanding of the feeling, the closest term we use for ‘Anand’ is – ‘BLISS’.

So what is Blissfulness …..? Blissfulness is the completeness/absoluteness/ripeness of my life. Later on, when you start to establish yourself in another stage of your life, only my completeness is left. LIFE is also starting to wipe out from ‘completeness of my life’. After some time only completeness is left, mine will also wipe out. So what is left is only “BEINGNESS”; which is beyond ego, time and space. So it will be going like –

Completeness of my life > my completeness > completeness of Beingness

Just being is the ‘Blissfulness’.

We have chosen social life, which means we have family, social responsibilities and liabilities. In the society, you need to have a few basic things to survive.

In today’s scenario, if you want to live in blissful state, you need to have a balance among five dimensions of life. Here we are not talking about anything more or less. It’s purely your satisfaction which is important to establish you in this ‘Blissful state’.

There are five dimensions of life which need to be measured to attain the blissfulness of life. These dimensions are – Physical, Mental, Financial, Social and Spiritual.

Physical: Your healthy body is a prerequisite for being able to sense any kind of happiness, or any kind of presence in this world; to sense and enjoy every bliss of life, you need to be in the best of your physical health. At Nectar Factor, we talk about Nature, and that how can we work on preventive health care with the aid of Nature. For this, you need to know yourself and your body to prevent any kind of sickness and illness. We strongly believe that everybody is different, so every ‘Body’ is different, and that is why we work on individual yardstick.

Second: You need to establish a balance setting a perfect mental dimension. Till the time you establish a balance in your mental state, just having physical health does not mean you are completely healthy. In today’s time, we have to face lot of fatigue, and that causes immense stress. (We have detailed about stress management in our other workshop “Mind- ‘Misery to Contentment’ –A Complete Stress management).

In today’s world also, you can successfully lead a stress-free life. At Nectar Factor, we do just that – teach you how to lead a stress-free life by increasing your creativity levels and improving on your mental health.

You may have the best of the physical health, you may have the best of the mental state, but if you don’t have enough money to survive, then definitely first two things will not take care of you. It means you need to have one more thing and that is ‘Money’. Because in today’s materialistic world; money is the survival tool. So you need to have enough earnings to survive. Here at Nectar Factor, we are not going to work on how to earn and multiply your money. Our focus area is to make you understand the value of money. Our focus area is to guide you on not just being wealthy, but to achieve prosperity.

So by having money, good physical health, mental and financial stability, you can earn Respect, Acceptance and Love in family and society.

Apart from these four dimensions, there is one most significant dimension which plays a major role in attainment of ultimate happiness and Bliss, and that is – Your Spiritual Journey.

In society, you will find many people who are healthy physically, mentally, financially, and are blessed with all the love and respect, but they still have to live with a profound sense of missing on something significant in their journey. What do you think, this could be?

This could be the lack of spiritual wellness, without which a life stays incomplete.

If we talk about today’s practical social life, then we need to establish enough balance between all these five dimensions of life.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Once you have balanced these dimensions of life, then you can definitely reach the ultimate blissful state.

So in our Blissful Life अन्त:दर्शन –`संपूर्ण जीवन एक कलाworkshop/programs, we at ‘Nectar factor’, talk about ways to establish and maintain balance among these five essential dimensions of life, to ultimately reach to the blissful state of mind.

In today’s scenario, ‘Work and Life balance’ is very crucial and we assure of the flawless rhythm in day to day life …

It is you, who will decide if the last weekend of work will be last forever or not. From today onwards, start creating your future day by day…bit by bit as every bit counts…and you will see your life becoming joyous, bit by bit…..

We need to focus on establishing a balance between all five dimensions of life i.e. Physical, Mental, Social, Financial and Spiritual. The balance between these five dimensions will take us to a blissful state of life.
In our Blissful life skill workshops, we focus on the physical dimension, where we will explain about what is health, and that how can you take care of your body. We help you to know yourself, your physical constitutions, and everything about you.
This is one of the most significant dimensions required for Blissful life. Without a healthy mind, you cannot enjoy your life. In our blissful life skill workshops, we will provide you the tips for a healthy mind.
Here at Nectar Factor, we are not going to work on how to earn and multiply your money. Our focus area is to make you understand the value of money, and the attainment of prosperity.
Even after having everything in our life, we feel something is missing. We at Nectar Factor, help you fill that gap.